Wednesday, January 5, 2011

630 update

Wow what a day. Eli is now in the PICU not sure how long we will be here. Eli's surgery hmm was interesting. Eli went in about 145pm he first got anestia and he woke up. Then they had to give him more. That's unusual for eli. They started the BEAR testing. The test results were not overly suprising however there was somethings that was not expected. He has one ear that is mild to moderate. The other ear is moderate. The audiologist said that it wasn't from the antibiotics. Which is not good. It just means that it is degenerate. It will most likely get worse. In about two weeks we will retest and start fitting for hearing aids.

Then she did the port. It was much easier than she expected. However it was put in then she found that it wasn't working. She had to re cut him open and re adjust it. Now it's working well so far.

She then did an EDG. it's a scope that traveled down thru the month all the way down into his intestine. She said that everything looks good. She isn't sure what is going on with him. She is gonna try to think about it and see if she has anyother idea It could be. She also advised sendin his info for a gi consult to see if they maybe able to give some suggestion on where to go next. We also are gonna ask for a nuero consult.

Eli is now just resting. He has got his iv out and they have started his tpn. Hoping we will go back to the peds ward tomorrow. will give updates as I have them.

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